Calculate the after-tax operating cash flow

Given the following project information, calculate the after-tax operating cash flow (ATOCF) using the four approaches of calculating operating cash flow.  Project cost = $950,000Project life = five yearsProjected number of units sold per year = 10,000Projected price per unit = $200Projected variable cost per unit = 150Fixed costs per year = $150,000Required rate of return = 15%Marginal tax rate = 35%Depreciation = Straight-line to zero over five years (ignore half-year rule)

Before you started applying for college, a job recruiter offered you a full-time cashier position at a local retail store earning an after-tax salary of $28,000 per year. However, you turn down this offer and attend your first year of college. The additional monetary cost of college to you, including tuition, supplies, and additional housing expenses, is $35,000. You decide to go to college, probably because ?


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