Prepare a schedule of cash receipts

Callgate Company has forecast credit sales for the fourth quarter of the year:September (actual). 100.000Fourth quarter:October. 80,000November. 70,000December. 120,000Based on past experience, 20% of sales are collected in the month of sales, 70% in thefollowing month and 10% are never collected.

Prepare a schedule of cash receipts for thecompany covering the last quarter of the year.

Singular Construction is evaluating whether to build a new distributionfacility. The proposed investment will cost Singular $4 million to construct and provide cash savings of $500,000 per year over the next ten years.
If Singular were to invest another $200,000 in the facility at the end of five years, it would extend the life of the project by four years, during which time it would continue receiving cash savings of $500,000.

What is the internal rate of return for this investment? (using calculator)


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