Calculate the exchange rate

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Problem Set
1 You have an accounts payable to a German exporter for 100 Porsche Cayenne
SUVs The seller offers a 2 percent discount for payment within 10 days and full
payment due in 30 days (2/10 net 30) Today the exchange rate is $140 per Euro
You notice that the 30 day forward rate for the $/Euro is $138…what should
you do? You owe 70,000 Euros for each of the cars (before any discounts)
[show your work!]
2 Calculate the exchange rate for dollars per SDR using exchange rates for the most
recent day that you have exchange rate data Show work
3 You are changing planes in London for a flight to Paris where you will connect
with your flight to Capetown You are picking up reading material for the flight
and are looking at the prices listed on the Economist magazine which
conveniently lists prices in several different global currencies You note that the
price in Pounds is 240 pounds and the price in Euros is 2 Euros The exchange
rate for the dollar (your credit card was issued in the USA) is $159/pound and
$13837/euro Should you buy reading materials now or wait until you’re in


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