Calculate portfolio systematic risk (beta)

1 What is the future value of $1,25063 deposited for 3 years at an interest rate of 7%?

2 How much will $175 grow into if it is invested at 16% for 30 years?

Do you think companies that fail to take into consider international cultures and norms is one of the major reasons some corporations fail in their overseas expansions? Class, what would be some additional causes of failure if an international ethics issue was not of concern?

Disney has a 7 year, 6.95% coupon bond that is currently selling for $978.65. Assume that coupon payments are annual, what is the yield to maturity of this bond? (use excel) 7.35% use IRR on excel.

: Risk and Return Continued

Explain the concept of systematic risk for an individual investment and calculate portfolio systematic risk (beta)


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