Inter-organizational linkages

1.       According to resource dependence theory, what motivates organizations to form interorganizational linkages?

What is the advantage of strategic alliances as a way of exchanging resources?

2.       . Why does differentiation occur in an organization?

Distinguish between vertical and horizontal differentiation

1.       Pick an organization, such as a local travel agency or supermarket. Describe its organizational domain, then draw a map of the forces in its general and specific environments that affect the way it operates.

2.       What interorganizational strategies might work most successfully as a company expands globally? Why?

1.       Search business magazines such as Fortune or Bloomberg/BusinessWeek for an example of ethical or unethical behavior, and use the material in this chapter to analyze it.

2.       What are the major sources of uncertainty in an environment? Discuss how these sources of uncertainty affect a small biotechnology company and a large carmaker.


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