Purchasing power

1. In 1974, interest rates were 7.782% and the rate of inflation was 12.299% in Canada. What was the real interest rate in 1974? How would the purchasing power of your savings have changed over the year?

2. If the rate of inflation is 5%, what nominal interest rate is necessary for you to earn a 3% real interest rate on your investment?

Your firm has taken out a $500,000 loan with 9% APR (compounded monthly) for some commercial property. As is common in commercial real estate, the loan is a 5-year loan based on a 15-year amortization. This means that your loan payments will be calculated as if you will take 15 years to pay off the loan, but you actually must do so in 5 years. To do this, you will make 59 equal payments based on the 15-year amortization schedule and then make a final 60th payment to pay the remaining balance.

a. What will your monthly payments be?

b. What will your final payment be?


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