Shares outstanding and expects earnings

AFW Industries has 200 million shares outstanding and expects earnings at the end of this year of $700 million. AFW plans to pay out 60% of its earnings in total, paying 40% as a dividend and using 20% to repurchase shares. If AFW’s earnings are expected to grow by 8% per year and these payout rates remain constant, determine AFW’s share price assuming an equity cost of capital of 12%.

Zoom Enterprises expects that one year from now it will pay a total dividend of $5 million and repurchase $5 million worth of shares. It plans to spend $10 million on dividends and repurchases every year after that forever, although it may not always be an even split between dividends and repurchases. If Zoom’s cost of equity capital is 13% and it has 5 million shares outstanding, what is its share price today?


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