IEEE 802.1 la and IEEE 802.1 lg

Briefly describe OFDM.

Describe the differences between IEEE 802.1 la and IEEE 802.1 lg and explain why IEEE 802.1 lag may be a good solution in solving the problem of lacking bandwidth capacity.

Bluetooth uses the same frequency band and provides similar functionalities as Wireless LAN, e.g., IEEE 802.1 lb/g.

Briefly describe the design goals of each technology and explain why the products of these two technologies can co-exist in the market.

Briefly describe the original Bluetooth frequency hops selection scheme and how adaptive frequency hops selection scheme can be extended from it to solve the problem of coexistence interference.

Briefly describe the differences between ISOAFH and TG2-AFH. In particular, explain why ISOAFH could obtain better performance than TG2-AFH.


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