Regulatory Organization

Medical M arijuana You are a doctor who lives in a state where medical marijuana has been made legal, but a recent Supreme Court decision has declared your state’s measure invalid. Nonetheless, the practice of prescribing medical marijuana has continued in your state as if nothing has happened. Several of your terminally ill patients are asking you to continue to prescribe it because it relieves their pain. Answer the following questions:

a. What decision will you make, and why?

b. What are the legal repercussions when people continue to follow a state measure that has been declared invalid at the federal level?

Four friends who are auditing students have a discussion. Sunny says that the primary responsibility for the adequacy of disclosure in the financial statements and footnotes rests with the auditor in charge of the audit field work. Bivek says that the partner in charge of the engagement has the primary responsibility. Tandin says the staff person who drafts the statements and footnotes has the primary responsibility. Chhimi contends that it is the client’s responsibility.


Which student is correct and why?


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