wireless wide-area network (WWAN)

For web-browsing in an environment like wireless wide-area network (WWAN), if a web page consists of numerous HTTP objects of small sizes and TCP Reno isadopted, how will be the web-browsing performance? And why?

What is the difference between greedy fairness notions and realistic fairness notions? How will the difference affect the packet scheduling problem?

Briefly discuss the similarities and the differences between IrDA and Bluetooth in their protocol stack and some current usage models.

Explain why these two technologies simultaneously exists in market with both competing and complementary effects.

HiperLAN/2 is expected to be a competing technology of IEEE 802.1 la WLAN. Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of HiperLAN. Explain why people expect that IEEE 802.11 would drive out HiperLAN/2.


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