Agent technology

1. Explain what is meant by agent technology? How can this technology be used in a data warehouse?

2. What do we mean by a Web-enabled data warehouse? Describe three of its functional features.

3. Discuss three specific ways in which agent technology may be used to enhance the value of the data warehouse in a large manufacturing company.

Indicate if true or false:

A. Data warehousing helps in customized marketing.

B. It is as important to include unstructured data as structured data in a data warehouse.

C. Dynamic charts are themselves user interfaces.

D. MPP is a shared-memory parallel hardware configuration.

E. ERP systems may be substituted for data warehouses.

F. Most of a corporation’s knowledge base contains unstructured data.

G. The traditional data transformation tools are quite adequate for a CRM-ready data warehouse.

H. Metadata standards facilitate deploying a combination of best-of-breed products.

I. MDAPI is a data fusion standard.

J. A Web-enabled data warehouse stores only the clickstream data captured at the corporation’s Web site.


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