Analyze sales

You are the vice president of marketing for a nation-wide appliance manufacturer with three production plants.

Describe any three different ways you will tend to analyze your sales.

What are the business dimensions for your analysis?

Indicate if true or false:

A. Requirements definitions for a sales processing operational system and a sales analysis data warehouse are very similar.

B. Managers think in terms of business dimensions for analysis.

C. Unit sales and product costs are examples of business dimensions.

D. Dimension hierarchies relate to drill-down analysis.

E. Categories are attributes of business dimensions.

F. JAD is a methodology for one-on-one interviews.

G. Questionnaires provide the least interactive method for gathering requirements.

H. The departmental users provide information about the company’s overall direction.

I. Departmental managers are very good sources for information on data structures of operational systems.

J. Information package diagrams are essential parts of the formal requirements definition document.


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