Analyze the platform options for your data warehouse

1. What is intraquery parallelization by the DBMS? What are the three methods?

2. List any six types of software tools used in the data warehouse. Pick any three types from your list and describe the features and the purposes.

In your company, all the source systems reside on a single UNIX-based platform, except one legacy system on a mainframe computer. Analyze the platform options for your data warehouse.

Would you consider the single-platform option? If so, why? If not, why not?

You are the manager for the data warehouse project of a nationwide car rental company. Your data warehouse is expected to start out in the 500 GB range. Examine the options for server hardware and write a justification for choosing one.

As the administrator of the proposed data warehouse for a hotel chain with a leading presence in 10 eastern states, write a proposal describing the criteria you will use to select the RDBMS for your data warehouse. Make your assumptions clear.


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