Anti-Loitering Ordinance

1. What are two possible problems that can arise from vague criminal statutes?

2. Define the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and explain its relevance to criminal law.

3. Name some examples of limitations on the First

Anti-Loitering Ordinance

Your city has passed an anti-loitering ordinance, and you are a prosecutor who must deal with the arrests that result from enforcement of this law. Recently, local police have started arresting teenagers who seem rather scruffy and aggressive, but who have no apparent drug or gang involvement. The defendants were loitering around a local strip mall that has had numerous drug activities but is also a popular hangout. Their arrests were legal under the current city ordinance. Answer the following questions:

a. Is this ordinance constitutional or not? Why?

b. How w ill y ou h andle t his c ase?

Amendment, as applied by the courts.


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