Child Abuse

Child Abuse

You are a social worker responding to a report of an anonymous caller who stated that the three children next door had not been seen in 10 days. When you arrive, you meet a woman who is apparently the mother. You tell her the station received an anonymous call and wanted to make sure everything was okay. The woman invites you to come in, where you see children’s toys on the floor. When you ask if her children are home, she responds that they are in their rooms and have been punished for being bad. She goes on to tell you that they are not good in school, so she has pulled them from their school and is thinking about homeschooling them. Answer the following questions:

a. What questions should you ask the mother to determine if abuse is occurring?

b. What evidence should you look for?

c. Could the mother be charged with child abuse?

d. What other facts might be helpful in making this determination?


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