Data extraction and transformation

1. What is meant by “taking a practical approach” to the management of a data warehouse project? Give any two reasons why you think a practical approach is likely to succeed.

2. As the recently assigned project manager, you are required to work with the executive sponsor to write a justification without detailed ROI calculations for the first data warehouse project in your company.

Write a justification report to be included in the planning document.

1. You are the data transformation specialist for the first data warehouse project in an airlines company. Prepare a project task list to include all the detailed tasks needed for data extraction and transformation.

2. As the lead architect for a data warehouse in a large domestic retail store chain, prepare a list of project tasks relating to designing the architecture. In which development phases will these tasks be performed?

Why do you think user participation is absolutely essential for success? As a member of the recently formed data warehouse team in a banking business, your job is to write a report on how the user departments can best participate in the development.

What specific responsibilities for the users will you include in your report?



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