Data warehouse architect

You are the data warehouse architect for a leading national department store chain. The data warehouse has been up and running for nearly a year. Now the management has decided to provide power users with OLAP facilities.

How will you alter the information delivery component of your data warehouse architecture? Make realistic assumptions and proceed.

As the senior analyst responsible for data staging, you are responsible for the design of the data staging area. If your data warehouse gets input from several legacy systems on multiple platforms, and also regular feeds from two external sources, how will you organize your data staging area?

Describe the data repositories you will have for data staging.

You have been recently promoted to administrator for the data warehouse of a nationwide automobile insurance company. You are asked to prepare a checklist for selecting a proper vendor tool to help you with the data warehouse administration. Make a list of the functions in the management and control component of your data warehouse architecture. Use this list to derive the tool-selection checklist.


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