Data warehouse to analyze product profitability

1. Create a detailed outline for the formal requirements definition document for a data warehouse to analyze product profitability of a large department store chain.

2. “In a data warehouse, business requirements of the users form the single and most powerful driving force.” Do you agree? If you do, state four reasons why. If not, is there any other such driving force?

You are on the data warehouse project of, an Internet auction company selling upscale works of art. Your responsibility is to gather requirements for sales analysis.

Find out the key metrics, business dimensions, hierarchies, and categories. Draw the information package diagram.

BigBook, Inc. is a large book distributor with domestic and international distribution channels. The company orders from publishers and distributes publications to all the leading booksellers. Initially, you want to build a data warehouse to analyze shipments that are made from the company’s many warehouses.

Determine the metrics or facts and the business dimensions.

Prepare an information package diagram.


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