Drug control laws

Peyote in Religious

Ceremonies As a state parole officer, you staunchly support your state’s drug control laws. Any parolees on your caseload that test positive for any controlled dangerous substance are promptly taken into custody and set for a parole revocation hearing. Harold Running Bull, a Native American, has recently been assigned to you. His first urine sample tests positive for the presence of the hallucinogen peyote. You call the authorities and have Running Bull arrested when he reports to your office. As the police are taking him away, Running Bull shouts that he uses peyote only as part of his religious ceremonies. Answer the following questions:

a. Do you investigate this claim? Why or why not?

b. Do you ask the police to release him until you investigate the claim? Why or

why no t?

c. Do you remain silent and let the police take him away? Why or why not?

d. What are the ramifications if his assertions are correct?


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