Guilty of Child Abuse

Guilty of Child Abuse?

You are a police officer and have taken into custody a married couple accused of child abuse. The mother physically abused the child while the father, who is a cocaine addict, sat in the other room and watched television. The father stated that he knew the abuse was going on and could hear his child crying, but was afraid to get involved because his wife is violent. Answer the following questions:

a. Is the husband guilty of any crime? Why or why not?

b. Is his excuse for not stopping the abuse adequate? Why or why not?

Defining an Accomplice

Contact your local prosecutor’s office and ask someone if your jurisdiction holds people responsible as accomplices when they possess knowledge, but not purpose, that a crime will be committed. Ask them the following questions, or use these questions as a basis for your interview:

a. Why did they make this choice, and what caused it?

b. How well is it working?

c. Do they see any need for modifications in the future?


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