Implement a new ERP system

Monday morning, your client, Michele, calls to discuss an article that was in the weekend edition of the Hall Street Journal. Michele is an astute business person, always looking for current technology to improve the operations of Michele Outsourcing, Inc. (MOI). The article discussed a new hard drive, filled with the newly discovered gas, Kryxnon. The gas has a molecular structure that gives it petroleum-like properties, enabling it to reduce friction and serve as a lubricant. These new hard drives have only been tested in a laboratory situation, and when available are expected to cost approximately ten times what a standard hard drive will cost. Reliability and durability have been shown to be well beyond those of typical hard drives. Your project for Michele is to implement a new ERP system that includes a server farm for MOI’s rapidly expanding Application Service Provider business.

How do you respond to Michele’s request to use the drives in the new system? Consider the TELOS acronym


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