Compounding a Felony You are a police investigator. During a routine investigation of burglaries in the neighborhood, you learn that Clyde, a 32-year-old who still lives at home, burglarized his neighbor’s home. Clyde’s father, Darrell, offers the neighbor $10,000 to replace the property stolen by Clyde, which the neighbor accepts because it is considerably more than what the property was worth. Darrell then says to the neighbor, “I hope this is the end of it and that you’re not going to the police.” Answer the following questions:

a. What crime, if any, has Darrell committed?

b. If there were no physical threats made to the neighbor, has Darrell committed a cr ime?

c. Is it illegal for the neighbor to accept the money and not report the burglary to the police?

d. What if the neighbor tells Darrell that he wants $20,000 for his “trouble and inconvenience,” and that if he does not receive it, he is going to the police?


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