Metadata framework

1. As the analyst responsible for data loads and data refreshes, describe all the details you will look for and document during the requirements definition phase.

2. Trace the flow of data through the data warehouse from beginning to end.

How do requirements affect the choice of the metadata framework? Explain very briefly.

What types of user requirements dictate the granularity or the levels of detail in a data warehouse?

How do you estimate the storage size? What factors determine the size?

It is a known fact that data quality in the source systems is poor in your company. You are assigned to be the data quality assurance specialist on the project team.

Describe what details you will include in the requirements definition document to address the data quality problem.

You are the manager for the data warehouse project at a retail chain with stores all across the country and users in every store.

How will you ensure that all the details necessary to decide on the DBMS are gathered during the requirements phase?

Write a memo to the senior analyst directly responsible to coordinate the requirements definition phase.



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