Net amount of cash received

Eddie Bauer accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as well as its own Eddie Bauer charge cards. Assume that Visa and MasterCard charge a 1.8 percent processing fee while Discover and American Express charge a 3.5 percent processing fee. During the period, the following charge card sales occurred at a particular Eddie Bauer store (no payments were made by customers):

Visa                                        $ 8,650

MasterCard                        10,625

Discover                               6,175

American Express            2,130

Eddie Bauer                        25,843

What is the net amount of cash received from charge sales during the period?

Trollinger is an automotive parts retail store. It sells motor oil, oil filters, automotive batteries, and other automotive equipment. Assume that activity is defined as the number of products sold. Identify each of the following costs as variable, fixed, or mixed. Use V for variable, F for fixed, and M for mixed.

________A. Cost of automotive batteries

________ B. Wages paid to employees who deliver parts to customers

________ C. Cost of shelving for the showroom

________ D. Utilities: water, electricity, and heat

________ E. Freight paid to receive parts from the warehouse

________ F. Insurance paid on shipments from the factory to Trollinger

________ G. Insurance paid on retail store

________ H. Computer costs for inventory maintenance

________ I. Wages paid to employees who wait on customers

________ J. Cost of oil


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