Principal in the Second Degree

1. What is the six-stage process by which an actor commits a crime, and after what stage is a person liable for criminal punishment?

2. Explain the historical cases in which the crime of attempt was first recognized.

3. Your textbook names six of the various tests for the crime of attempt. How do they differ?

Principal in the Second Degree You are a witness to the robbery of a school bookstore. While you were in line, the defendant came into the store and said “Hi, Recia” to your cashier. During the robbery, the store manager frantically signaled Recia to press an alarm button under her cash register, but she did not do so. She later stated that she knew the defendant but was not friends with him and had no knowledge of the robbery.

a. In your opinion, is Recia an accomplice? Why or why not?

b. What other information do you need to help you decide whether to press charges?


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