Prison Budget

Prison Budget

In 1995, for the first time in U.S. history, the total cost of stateissued bonds to finance prison construction surpassed the total for bonds to construct colleges. Compare the budgets for education and corrections in your county and state. Answer the following questions:

a. If you were a member of the state legislature, what recommendations would you make concerning funding for these areas?

b. How would you set funding priorities for these budget items compared to others?

Find Out about Law School

Contact a professor at your local law school (it might be at your college or university) and ask how a law student could focus his or her studies on criminal law.

a. What courses would the student need to take, and what kind of internship or part-time work would help provide useful job experience?

b. If one specializes in criminal law, what are some job options after passing the bar? After gaining a few years full-time case experience?


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