Security policy

1. List five common provisions to be found in a good security policy.

2. Give reasons why the data warehouse must be backed up. How is this different from an OLTP system?

3. What are the considerations for deploying the data warehouse in stages? Under what circumstances is staged deployment recommended?

Describe how you will plan to determine the stages.

Prepare a plan for getting the user desktops ready for the initial deployment of your data warehouse. The potential users are spread across the country in 30 major centers. Overseas users from four centers will also be tapping into the data warehouse. Analysts at five major regional offices will be using the OLAP system. Your data warehouse is Web-enabled. Make suitable assumptions, considering all aspects, and work out a plan.

What are the characteristics of the type of pilot system described as a broad business pilot?

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Should this type of pilot be considered at all? Explain the conditions under which this type of pilot is advisable.



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