Substantive and procedural criminal law

1. What is the difference between substantive and procedural criminal law?

2. Name at least five constitutional subjects relating to procedural criminal law.

3. Name the three possible definitions of an ex post facto law.


You are a prosecutor closing a case against a man charged with murdering his wife. Although the defendant claims to be a recovered alcoholic, you have the option of bringing in character witnesses who can testify to his violent behavior while he drank. You believe that this evidence will guaranteea conviction. You know that the defense will protest this evidence as irrelevant, but you also know that your personal friendship with the judge will cause him to allow it. Answer the following questions:

a. How does such evidence affect the jury’s understanding that the defendant committed the crime “beyond a reasonable doubt”? Why?

b. Is it ethical to bring in such character evidence? Why or why not


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