Systems development

A seasoned systems employee was overheard saying, “As long as we plan a systems development project and carry out the project in an orderly manner, we don’t need a formal, documented systems development methodology.” Do you agree? Discuss fully.

2. One of the tasks of systems analysis is to choose and justify one of the alternative design solutions. Would it not be more effective, efficient, and practical for the systems analyst to pass along all alternative design solutions to top management (perhaps to the IT steering committee), together with arguments for and against each alternative, and let top management choose one of them? After all, top management has a broad perspective that the systems analyst does not possess. Discuss fully.

Some people on the finance staff of your organization believe that when choosing among renting, leasing, and purchasing an AIS is strictly a financial decision and should be done by the finance staff. Identify and discuss several other considerations of the decision 2. “Because a vendor would never propose a system that would not meet an organization’s needs, an external validation of vendor proposals is not really needed.” Identify and discuss situations where this statement may be false.


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