Behaviors in the classroom environment

1.What are some minor and moderate interventions for managing problem behaviors in the classroom environment? Who else can help?

2.What can the teacher do about fighting, bullying, and defiance?

What are some effective school-based bullying intervention programs?

3.How worried are you about problem behaviors among the students you plan to teach? In view of your own current skills, personality, and values, what steps could you begin to take to prepare yourself for dealing with them?

Ken is a fifth-grade student who is not well liked by his peers. They tease him about the way he looks, the way he dresses, his lack of coordination, and his lack of emotional self-regulation. The bulk of this belittling takes place on the playground during recess. The teasing often reduces Ken to tears, which seems to add fuel to the fire. Which of the following is most likely to reduce this bullying behavior?

a. in-school suspensions for the bullies

b. isolating Ken from his peers so he does not have to deal with the bullying

c. removing the bullies’ recess privileges

d. social-skills training for both the bullies and Ken


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