Compliance audit and an operational audit

1. Briefly explain the role of an auditor and distinguish between the role of an internal auditor and the role of an external auditor.

2. Distinguish between a financial statement audit, a compliance audit and an operational audit.

3. Define and explain the possible use of a non-CAAT-based audit.

4. What factors should an auditor consider before using a CAAT?

1. Define and explain a context (environmental) audit.

2. Identify and describe five alternative auditing techniques.

3. Define and distinguish between each of the following terms:

(a) generic audit software,

(b) utility software,

(c) expert audit software.

4. Briefly explain the main types of controls often used by companies to minimise the risks and problems associated with the use of EDI. references Davies, T., Boczko, T. and Chen, J. (2005), Strategic C


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