Develop and implement policies and procedures relevant to bookkeeping activities

Write a report describing how you can develop and implement policies and procedures relevant to bookkeeping activities. The report should identify the strategies you can use in your role as a bookkeeper, but it should also indicate the way in which you would build supportive relationships with clients and work colleagues.

In particular there should be strategies for:

  • establishing and maintaining relationships with clients
  • researching and identifying policy and procedure material
  • developing systems and guidelines for procedures
  • complying with legislative requirements

In the report you should indicate your ability to:

  • use communication skills (questioning and active listening) to build relationships, determine and confirm client requirements
  • liaise with others, share information, listen and understand
  • use language and concepts appropriate to cultural differences
  • use numeracy and IT skills to accurately analyse, record and store data; access and use appropriate financial management software, spreadsheets and databases; use internet information
  • comply with ethical, legal and procedural requirements
  • use problem-solving skills to identify any issues that have the potential to impact on the bookkeeping process
  • plan and sequence work to provide a timely and professional service


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