Developmental changes in mathematical skills

1.What are some developmental changes in mathematical skills?

2.What is the main controversy in math education?

3. What are some cognitive processes involving math?

4.What are some constructivist principles in learning math? ∙ What role can technology play in math instruction?

1. Mr. Kotter has assigned the students to work cooperatively on a project about the Civil War. He puts the students into heterogeneous groups of four and gives each group the project guidelines. They are to turn in one project on which they will receive a group grade. He is surprised when some students contribute little to their group’s effort. What is Mr. Kotter doing wrong?

a. Mr. Kotter did not include any individual accountability in his assessment.

b. Mr. Kotter should not give the students a group grade.

c. Mr. Kotter should not have used heterogeneous groups.

d. Mr. Kotter should not use cooperative learning in history.


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