Freud’s theory of development

1. How does Freud account for mental illness? Does his conceptualisation seem adequate?

2.  Critically discuss Freud’s conception of women. How adequately does Freud explain human motivation?

3.  Critically discuss Freud’s theory of personality.  Discuss the major influences on Freud’s theory of development.

1. Outline the crucial elements of psychoanalysis and comment on its effectiveness as a therapy.

2. Based on your own family position and your life experiences, what is your assessment of Adler’s theories of birth order? Is there research evidence to support Adler’s views?

1. Discuss whether there is any evidence for Freud’s theory of development.  Critically examine Freud’s theory of defence mechanisms.

2.  ‘We all carry elements of neurosis from our developmental experiences’. Critically discuss with reference to our use of defence mechanisms.


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