Gantt chart to show the tasks

Imagine a project that you are going to perform. For example organizing a seminar for higher institution students, an invention and innovation contest, a cooking contest, or when you are going to purchase a car or a house, or, anything that you already had an experience going through the processes. You may also use your own imagination with the help of the internet.Next, think of all the tasks that you perform when you do such project. For example when you purchase a car, you will do some research through browsing the Internet or asking people about it, regarding the models, the financial issues etc.After that, create a work breakdown structure that shows all the tasks, their estimated duration, and any predecessor tasks.The next section of this question illustrates a couple of examples about the tasks in a project. Based on these examples you may to create YOUR OWN dummy project. After all the above have been done, answer the following questions.


i. Prepare a list showing all tasks and their durations.

ii. What is the correct total time?

iii. What is the critical path?

iv. Using ANY platform, createa) A Gantt chart to show the tasks.b) A PERT chart to show all the tasks.


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