Information and communication technologies

Learn-a-lot Ltd is a small but expanding Leeds-based retail company that provides computer-based educational facilities and equipment for a range of public and private sector colleges and universities specialising in post-graduate professional IT courses. As a result of a recent increase in demand for the courses offered by universities and colleges, the company is considering expanding its current retail facilities.

The company is seeking to establish a presence in both Hull and York in order to benefit from the high number of undergraduates studying IT and computer science-related degrees at the local universities.

The company is, however, aware that such an expansion would require not only a substantial capital investment, but also a significant change in the company’s accounting information systems procedures, especially those concerned with the recording of sales income.


As their recently appointed systems accountant, prepare a report for the management of Learn-a-lot Ltd on the importance for a company like Learn-a-lot Ltd to possessing a cohesive strategy for the development and implementation of information and communication technologies within its accounting information systems.


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