Management of images and documents

1.Describe the five master data stores employed by the OE/S process.

2.a. Explain how bar code readers work.

b. Explain how optical character recognition (OCR) works and how it differs from bar code technology.

c. Explain how scanners are used to capture data.

3.How is digital image processing used to support the input and management of images and documents?

1. “Auditors will never allow an organization to adopt a paperless system, so why do we waste our time bothering to study them?” Discuss fully.

2.Think of the last time you received a service (e.g., haircut, automotive repair, tutoring, advising, etc.).

Describe the service.

How did you select the vendor to patronize?

Were you satisfied with the service you received? If not, what steps did to take to resolve the problem?

Do you wish you had contracted for the service in a different manner? Discuss fully



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