Standardized tests

1.What is meant by standardized test? What are the uses of standardized tests?

2.What are norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests? Why are validity, reliability, and fairness important in judging the quality of a standardized test?

3.Give an example of test scores that are reliable but not valid.

1.Considering the grade level and subject(s) that you plan to teach, how might standardized test results be useful to you in your instructional planning?

2. Mark, Jenny, Nicole, and Chris are all taking the SAT this year. Which student is preparing the most wisely?

a. Chris, who has taken a test-taking skills test every year throughout high school

b. Jenny, who has consistently taken relatively easy high school courses and has gotten straight A’s

c. Mark, who has enrolled in a specialized, expensive SAT preparation program

d. Nicole, who has taken a rigorous high school program of studies and has reviewed some of the math she took in her early high school years


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