Systems analysis

1. Describe the six main stages of the systems development life cycle.

2. Distinguish between the following categories of change:

(a) smooth incremental change,

(b) rough incremental change, and

(c) discontinuous change.

3. Distinguish between the following:

(a) soft minor change,

(b) hard minor change,

(c) soft major change, and

(d) hard major change.

1. Explain the key phases you would expect to find in the systems analysis stage of the systems development life cycle.

2. Describe the four main stages of the prototyping approach to systems development.

3. Distinguish between the following types of resistance: (

a) hostile aggression,

(b) defiant opposition, and

(c) negative projection.

1. Explain the main factors/issues a company should consider when selecting a hardware system.

2. Distinguish between a top-down approach and a bottom-up approach to the in-house development of software.


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