Active listening

1.What are some barriers to effective speech?

What are some principles of good speech?

What is active listening and what can teachers and students do to develop active listening skills?

2.What are some important aspects of nonverbal communication for teachers to understand?

3.What are your own communication strengths and weaknesses? What might you do to improve your communication skills?

Which teacher is most likely to gain the cooperation of students in following classroom rules and procedures?

a. Ms. Benes and her students developed a list of rules and procedures at the beginning of the school year; however, she does not enforce the rules and procedures she has established. There are no reinforcements for proper behavior and no consequences for inappropriate behavior.

b. Ms. Costanza wants her classroom to be very orderly. As a result, she punishes students for the slightest infractions.

c. Ms. Kramer’s students participated in the development of classroom rules. They all agreed that each rule was necessary and that the procedures would make things run more smoothly. When students disobey a rule, she asks them if their behavior is appropriate.

d. Ms. Peterman has a long list of rules and procedures for students to follow. For instance, when they enter the classroom, they are to first put their homework in the proper folder, then change into their P.E. shoes. If students do these things in the opposite order, they are reprimanded.


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