Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

1.What is the definition of a learning disability?

What are some common learning disabilities? How are they identified? How are they best treated?

2.What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

What are some important aspects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for teachers to know?

3.What is the nature of intellectual disability?

1.Which principles and strategies in our discussion of memory are likely to be useful for the subjects and grade levels at which you plan to teach?

2. Natalie is playing a game called “memory” at a birthday party. A covered tray with 15 objects is brought into the room. The cover is removed, and the children have 30 seconds to memorize the objects. They will then write down the objects they remember. The child who correctly remembers the most objects wins the game. Natalie notices that five of the objects are hair-related items—a comb, a brush, shampoo, a barrette, and a ponytail holder. She notices that another five objects are school supplies—a pencil, a pen, a ruler, a marker, and a glue stick. The final five objects appear to be random. Natalie has no problem remembering the items that she was able to group by type. She only remembers two of the other items. What memory strategy is Natalie using?

a. chunking

b. constructing images

c. elaboration

d. rehearsal


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