Constructivist approaches to teaching science

1. Based on the results of research on calculator use and math achievement, at which of the following grade levels should Ingrid start using a calculator in doing math?

a. first

b. third

c. fifth

d. eighth

2.What are key ideas in science education?

3. What are some constructivist approaches to teaching science?

1.How effectively did your elementary, middle, and high schools teach science to the typical student? If less than perfectly, how could their approach have been improved?

2. Which of the following teachers is most likely to be successful in helping students to overcome scientific misconceptions?

a. Ms. Coster finds out what her students’ misconceptions are by carefully asking them questions and then explicitly combats their misconceptions via direct instruction.

b. Ms. Quigley uses a science text and carefully tests her students over the content in the text.

c. Mr. Jones sets up situations in which the students explore materials themselves to discover their misconceptions.

d. Mr. Foster designs experiences that demonstrate to the students that their misconceptions are incorrect and point out the correct principles.


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