Controlling immigration

The 9/11 terrorist attacks marked a change in tone within the USA from one of domestic tranquility to one of war footing and counter intelligence. If you had been in charge of US counterintelligence, how would you have prevented 9/11, if possible?

Do you think controlling immigration would be a factor in your strategy or would you focus more on domestic surveillance? Please provide details.Make sure the writing assignment is one page in length, double spaced. Cite References

Which of the following classroom environments is most likely to help students with ADHD achieve?

a. Ms. Caster’s class, which is very loosely structured so that students will only have to attend to something for a short period of time.

b. Ms. Dodge’s class, which is tightly structured and has explicit expectations. Student learning is often supplemented with computer games and physical activity.

c. Ms. Ebert’s class, in which students are expected to sit still for extended periods of time, working independently on seatwork.

d. Ms. Fish’s class, in which students work at their own pace on self-selected tasks and receive sporadic feedback regarding their progress and behavior.


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