Counseling after escaping domestic violence

Women and their children often come for counseling after escaping domestic violence. This can be very emotional counseling.

What issues might the counsellor expect to arise and what approaches might be most helpful? in 200 words please answer with APA referencing and using 2-3 references;

Read Table, some myths about entrepreneurs.

Which myths did you believe? Do you still? Why or why not?

Interview entrepreneurs by asking each myth as a true-or-false question. Then ask students to elaborate on their answers. What did they say? What do you conclude from their answers?

Mark is a middle school student in Ms. Walsh’s language-arts class. She observes that Mark often stares out the window. Sometimes calling his name redirects his attention to her; at other times he continues to stare out the window for several seconds and appears oblivious to Ms. Walsh’s reprimands. Mark’s grades are suffering as a result of his inattention. What is the most likely explanation for Mark’s inattention?


b. absence seizure disorder

c. tonic-clonic epilepsy

d. cerebral palsy


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