Creative thinking

1.What are some important considerations in placing students in small groups?

2.What can teachers do to build team skills within groups?

3.What types of role assignments can improve a group’s structure?

4.Suppose you and five other students have decided to form a group to study for a final exam in educational psychology.

How would you structure the group?

What roles would you want the group to assign?

1.What is creative thinking? How can teachers foster creative thinking?

2.Some experts lament that few schools teach students to think critically. Does your own experience support this view? If you agree with the experts, why is critical thinking not more widely or effectively taught?

3.Mr. Sampson wants to improve his students’ executive function skills. Which of the following activities is most likely to help him accomplish this goal?

a. work with students on memorizing a poem

b. give students tips on multitasking efficiently

c. create opportunities for students to manage their thoughts and set goals

d. have students do computational math problems


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