Culturally relevant teaching

1.What is multicultural education? What is the aim of “empowering” students?

2.What is culturally relevant teaching?

3.What is issues-centered education?

4.How can teachers improve relationships among children from different ethnic groups?

5.In terms of multicultural education, what do you hope to do as a teacher differently from what your former teachers did?

Mr. Williams teaches first grade and thinks his students will benefit from learning a second language, so he labels many of the items in his classroom in both English and Spanish. He chose Spanish because that is the second most common language in the area in which he teaches. What research supports Mr. Williams’ approach?

a. First-graders are the right age to learn to read a second language but aren’t too old to learn to speak a second language.

b. Because students in most countries do not learn to read a second language, Mr. Williams is giving his students an important advantage.

c. Children learn a second language better and more easily at this age than they will when they get older.

d. Mr. Williams should select a second language that is unfamiliar to most of his class.


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