Developmental changes in children’s information processing

1.What are two important cognitive resources and how do they contribute to developmental changes in children’s information processing?

2.What are some key mechanisms of change in the information-processing approach?

3.In terms of your ability to learn, are there ways that you wish you were more like a computer? Or are you better than any computer in all aspects of processing information? Explain.

Marsha, a junior in high school, has debilitating test anxiety. She is particularly anxious about high-stakes tests, such as final exams. She often becomes so anxious that she “blanks out” and forgets everything that she has studied. What would a teacher using a cognitive behavior modification approach do to help her with her test anxiety?

a. Help Marsha to develop anxiety management strategies and use self-instructions.

b. Give her a study-skills book to read.

c. Encourage her to think more about the consequences if she does do better on the tests.

d. Tell Marsha to study until she has overlearned the material.

An important way in which social cognitive theory builds on behavioral theory is its emphasis on

a. personality

b. self-efficacy

c. attitudes

d. careful observation

2.What is the information-processing approach?


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