Downward, upward, and lateral communication

1. List the steps in the basic communication model. Which factors influence the effective flow of communication at each of the steps?

2. In what ways can nonverbal communication affect the interaction between a supervisor and a subordinate? Between two same-status coworkers?

Think of an organization with which you have had some contact, such as a work organization, a club or social group, or your college or university.

What forms of downward, upward, and lateral communication take place in this organization?

How could the flow of each direction of communication be improved?

Marvel has learned to use strategies to solve math problems but does not use them to study for history exams or spelling quizzes. According to the Good Information-Processing model, the next step for Marvel’s metacognitive development would most likely be to

a. ask his teacher for specific strategies for studying history

b. ask his parents about the benefits of using strategies for math

c. understand shared features of many different strategies

d. learn to attribute successful learning to use of strategies


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