Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation

1.What are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation? How are they involved in students’ achievement?

2.What characterizes attribution theory and an attribution approach to students’ achievement?

3.How does a mastery orientation compare with a helpless orientation and a performance orientation? Why is a growth mindset important in students’ achievement?

1. Ms. Carlson has her students enrolled in an online history course. This type of distance learning is referred to as

a. e-mail

b. virtual school

c. tutorial

d. Web enhancement

2. Mr. Wilson’s students are examining various Web sites about world problems. As they examine each one, they are evaluating the quality of the information on the site, including any forms of cultural, sexual, or political bias. Students will then compile a report of their findings. If Mr. Wilson is following the International Society for Technology in Education Standards, what grades does he most likely teach?

a. PK–2

b. 3–5

c. 6–8

d. 9–12


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