Gender-role classification

1.What is gender, and what do the concepts of gender roles and gender-typing mean? How have psychologists attempted to explain gender from biological, social, and cognitive perspectives?

2.What are gender stereotypes? What problems are created by gender stereotypes? How are boys and girls similar and different?

3.What characterizes gender-role classification?

1. Describe the organizational culture of a company or firm you are familiar with. What are some of the sources of this company’s organizational culture?

2. Drawing on your knowledge of research methods, what are the difficulties in evaluating the success of OD programs?

All fifth-grade classes at Central School have just read The Jungle Book. Which assignment is most likely to foster creativity?

a. The students write a story about how their lives would have been different if they had grown up in the wild like Mowgli.

b. The students complete a story diagram, in which they describe the setting, characters, plot, climax, and theme of the book.

c. The students create models of the temple where the monkeys lived, following a prototype that the teacher constructed.

d. The students complete worksheets containing questions about the plot and characters of the book


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